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Struggle learning? Let us fill In the missing pieces

Struggling in school or been told you can will always struggle learning to read or struggling in your classes?
We can work with you to find out what the missing piece for you is and help fill in those pieces or gaps.

At the Missing Piece, our online tutoring services are about finding and filling in the lost pieces.

Have you or your child ever had difficulties with learning while attending school? Maybe you have even been told that reading will be a lifelong struggle. Maybe you find writing and math to be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. It can be frustrating and discouraging when you don’t see the results you want. But don’t worry, there are solutions available to help.

Let’s work together to find the best approach for you or your child’s individual needs. Remember, everyone learns differently and at their own pace. You’re not alone, and with the right support and guidance, you or your child can overcome these challenges and achieve success in school. Whether you are struggling with dyslexia, learning disabilities, lost learning due to COVID or illness, or any other reasons, our tutors can help you overcome these challenges and improve your reading, math, and writing skills with our online tutoring services.

Our founder, Patty, is a former elementary teacher turned middle school, and currently high school reading interventionist who is passionate about helping struggling readers. With her team of experienced tutors, Patty can help you or your child become a confident reader through Orton-Gillingham reading tutoring, writing tutoring, and math tutoring. We also offer homework tutoring and support for paper writing.

If we don’t have the tutor to support you, we have a network of teacher lead tutors that we can call upon to find you the support you need, so even if you don’t see the help you need on our site, still let us help you or your child fill in the missing pieces and achieve learning success by contacting us.

Let a certified Orton Gillingham tutor support you or your child in getting back on track reading.

Why join one of our online tutoring classes?

Confidence & Life Long Skills

Students who receive tutoring outside of the classroom develop confidence and apply this newfound confidence to their in-class performance. The skills learned in tutoring sessions are transferable and provide lifelong benefits.

In a large-scale study at least 85%-95% of participating students showed improvement after just two months of tutoring.

Each Session is Designed for You

Your tutor will focus solely on what you need. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, and your tutor will assess your progress and challenges after each session to determine the next steps.

Tutoring in reading writing and math resulted in a 70% success rate, with 87% of tutees showing significant progress.

Social Emotional Health

Struggling students face social and emotional challenges that impact their mental health. As students gain confidence, they will experience a positive shift in their overall mood and mental health. A Harvard Kennedy Study found that students with tutors showed “improvements in non-academic outcomes including mental health and life satisfaction, as reported by the students, their parents and teachers.”

Contact us for a FREE Introductory Analysis to create a needs analysis and determine what program would be right for you. With sign-up you will get a free Learning Plan Analysis.

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